Inner West Sydney Opens New Tool Library

Have you ever started a DIY project and needed to borrow a sewing machine, a drill or even a nail gun? A new tool library has recently opened in the Inner West so that residents can access all the things they’d much rather borrow than buy.  The ‘library of things’ opened its doors in January but they are holding their official launch party on Saturday 23rd March.

On the 2SER Weekend Breakfast program we spoke to Jono Dent, one of the co-founder of the Inner West Tool Library to take a look at how the library works, and how the library fits into the sustainable share economy?

For more information on the library, visit:

The official Inner West Tool library launch party is at Petersham Bowling Club on Saturday 23rd March 12.00-15.00.


Photo supplied by Inner West Tool Library (@iwtoollibrary).

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