Innovative Bioengineering Centre to Train Next Generation

It probably seems odd now but there was a time when taking a fall and breaking a bone could radically change your life. Thankfully, in the progress from bone setters to orthopedics even serious musculoskeletal injuries can be swiftly treated and you can be back on your feet, but what of the future?

It’s hoped a new generation of medical professionals and researchers will answer that question for a whole range of injuries by applying technology to meet patient needs and develop new lifesaving treatments. They’ll be trained within the Australian Research Council’s new Training Centre for Innovative Bio-engineering.

Tess was joined by the Centre’s director, Professor Hala Zreiqat, for an illuminating conversation on how the Centre will empower students to make the next big breakthrough, the Professor’s own groundbreaking work on bone substitutes and the importance of making sure women are included every step of the way in education and research.

(image by Jesse Merz)

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