International nursing study reveals more similarities than differences

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New key performance indicators for nurses and midwives are having a dramatic affect on paediatric wards across Australia, and across the world.

Known as the Paediatric International Nursing Study, or PINS, the KPIs look at positive nursing measures, like how safe a patient feels, and the presence of nurses in the ward..

The work involves wards from Ireland, Denmark and London, and preliminary findings have been presented recently at a conference in Sydney.

Previous KPIs involved drug errors and falls out of bed, which can create feelings of negativity in the workplace. A few months ago we spoke to Professor Val Wilson from the University of Technology Sydney, who was pioneering the KPIs at Sydney Children’s Hospital in Westmead.

She joins Think: Health this week to discuss how the study is tracking, along with fellow researcher Professor Tanya McCance. Professor McCance is from Ulster University in Northern Ireland.

Image: COD Newsroom on Flickr.

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