Interview with Lally Katz (Atlantis)

In this interview Lally Katz talks to Regina Botros about her latest 2017 play ATLANTIS playing at Belvoir Theatre. The writing process, seeing herself portrayed on stage and the personal super-real dreamlike, and mythical play that is Atlantis.

Lally Katz is on a journey. She’s left Australia behind and she’s in the country of her childhood, trying to find a way back to when things were innocent. Her relationships are chaotic, her professional life is a shambles and contemporary America seems riddled with charlatans and shysters. But along the way moments of wisdom bubble up, as if from some lost ancient city beneath the waves off Florida…

Five actors play the myriad characters of Lally’s life: ageing Jewish grandparents in Miami, wizened taxi drivers, cynical prophets, unhappy pharmacists, clowns, hip-hop artistes, narcissists, angels, animals – and, of course, Lally herself.


Rosemary Myers


Paula Arundell
Lucia Mastrantone
Amber McMahon
Hazem Shammas
Matthew Whittet