Interview With An Artist- Gig Moses

Gig Moses is a great example of the creative vibrancy that blossoms in regional Australia.

Gig is the owner and director of The Moree Gallery and chances are, if you’re an Australian art lover, you love one, if not many, of the artists Gig shows. Artists like Jennie Fawkner, Jo White, Emily Persson, Brooke Dalton, Jackie Anderson, and Sarah Bishop for example. 

On top of her amazing stable of artists, Gig also has a loyal following of collectors. It wasn’t always that way though, Gig has invested over 2 decades of energy, resources, and love, into getting the gallery to where it is today. Gig has generosity of spirit that nurtures artists on to greatness. Gig’s generosity of spirit extends to us here on the podcast. Among other things we talk about her life at the gallery and some misconceptions about Moree, her advice to emerging artists and also new collectors, and how an accident with her beloved dog Freddo lead to finding a new artist for the gallery.

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