Interview With An Artist – Jo White

Each Thursday at 11:45am we profile an Australian artist – be they a sculptor, painter, drawer, weaver – someone working in the visual arts.  

Jo White creates with emotion. 

It’s a feeling she’s following when painting scenes and people from regional Australia, an Australia of times gone by. Of farming families packing up station wagons for the annual beach holiday. Of shearing sheds and old trucks. Of social outings such as the local  cricket game or tennis at a friends. Traditions that continue today but back then, pre-internet, pre-mobile phones, pre-colour TV, they were lifelines of connection.  And regardless of whether people grew up on the land or in the city, lovers of good art love Jo’s work.  

Head to her Instagram page @jowhitestudio and I guarantee you will feel the emotion I’m talking about.

Jo joined me from her home in Armidale in regional New South Wales for this week’s Interview With An Artist. For the full interview, head to the Interview With An Artist podcast.

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