Interview With An Artist – Luke Shadbolt

Each Thursday at 11:45am we profile an Australian artist – be they a sculptor, painter, drawer, weaver – someone working in the visual arts.

Luke Shadbolt is part storm chaser, part stunt man, part photographic artist. He puts himself in some incredible and sometimes dangerous situations, to capture the power of the ocean.  His images illustrate mother nature’s mighty force with an intensity and emotion that is impossible to ignore.  And that’s important to Luke, he wants you to take notice. He wants to remind you of the beauty and the power of the ocean. He’s also is more interested in the process than the end result. The trait of a true artist.

Head to his Instagram @lukeshadbolt and you will see a feed of the most amazing range of photos, including a few of his wife and new baby. You see Luke’s just become a Dad for the first time and it’s brought the at times dangerous nature of  his work, right into focus.

Luke joined me from his Australian base on the central New South Wales coast for this week’s Interview With An Artist. To hear the full interview, head to the Interview With An Artist podcast.


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