Interview With An Artist – Marisa Veerman

Each Thursday at 11:45am we profile an Australian artist – be they a sculptor, painter, drawer, weaver – someone working in the visual arts.  

Marisa Veerman’s work will stop you in your tracks. Firstly because it’s breathtaking. Secondly because you will be doing your best to try and figure out what it is. Is it a photo? Is there some stitching on it? But the finish kind of looks like a painting? 

Marisa’s work is true mixed media. Her grounding in fine art photography combined with her career in textiles and visual merchandising marry beautifully to result in Marisa’s art. Portraits of women and girls, caught mid movement, creating an exquisite and surprisingly calming viewing experience. Head to her Instagram page @marisa_veerman and you’ll see.

Marisa joined Willy Russo from her home in Brisbane Queensland, for this week’s Interview With An Artist. For the full interview go to the Interview With An Artist podcast


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