Interview With An Artist – Pip Spiro

Each Thursday at 11:45am we profile an Australian artist – be they a sculptor, painter, drawer, weaver – someone working in the creative sphere. 

Pip Spiro’s path to much loved Australian painter has had a few detours. First a business degree. Then a period working in advertising in London. And then a move back home to mum and dad’s after quitting work to pursue her creative passion. Her first solo exhibition in 2018 sold out and since then her following has only grown. 

Pip paints colour rich still lifes, with a recent series containing botanicals and shells, mother nature’s own works of art. What makes Pip’s work even more outstanding, is that she paints in water colours. If you have ever had a play with water colours you will know they are unforgiving. One wrong stroke and your picture is ruined. Pip uses layer upon layer to achieve a depth in colour that belies the medium. She joined me for this week’s Interview With An Artist from her studio in Brisbane. 

You can check out Pip’s work on Instagram @pipspiro

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