Interview with writer Julian Larnach In Real Life

Julian Larnach writer of In Real Life – Darlinghurst Theatre’s Eternity Playhouse.

With the already obsessive relationship we
have with technology, mankind’s most pressing
existential crisis is already on our doorstep.
People, everywhere, clutch a device, as if it
were an extension of themselves in a neverending
quest for news, popularity, love and
most of all connection.

Julian Larnach’s In Real Life offers an
unnerving portrait of our digital lives, a
cautionary tale about our rapidly changing
world where technology has pushed us
beyond our moral compass and is rapidly
breaking down societal norms.
In the not too distant future, Theresa is
the CEO of a global digital company and
inventor of the Drum, the world’s most popular
personal device. One evening she argues
with her daughter who walks out of their
secluded holiday retreat and vanishes without
a trace. Theresa yearns to find her daughter
and for answers behind her disappearance.
Desperate to reconnect, she attempts to use
technology to bridge the gap between the digital world and real life.

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