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This week, Sally chatted to Kuba Dorabialski about his film trilogy ‘Invocation’ which you can view here.

Curated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham, the films were shot in Eastern Europe, parts of Australia that remind Kuba of Eastern Europe and at Carriageworks’ Clothing Store.

Conceived through the lens of his biographical ties to Eastern Europe and filmed and performed in Dorabialski’s own fictional Slavic language—designed to be partly intelligible to most Slavic language speakers—Invocation Trilogy investigates what it means to explore memories, real and distorted, as a migrant who now lives in Australia. Through its uneasy mix of brooding earnestness and absurdist comedy, Dorabialski poses the grand and preposterous question: What is this thing we call Eastern Europe?

Listen back to hear Kuba chat about creating the films.

Image: Kuba Dorabialski, Invocation Trilogy, Part 3. Connection of the Sticks, 2021, still from 4K video with stereo sound, 82:15 min.

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