Italy After Renzi: What Does He Leave?

The Italian referendum on constitutional referendum took place last week and as a result of a convincing “no” vote, we’ve seen the stepping down of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. He was the youngest Italian PM and since being in office in February 2014, he implemented public administration reforms, changes to the electoral system and even legalised same-sex civil unions. The Daily discussed what the free world will miss about Matteo Renzi and what  this result means for Italian politics, considering an election will now most likely be set for early next year. Professor Bruno Mascitelli, an associate professor in international studies from Swinburne University joined us to discuss. Mascitelli also co-authored a piece prior to the referenda for the Australian International Affairs Institute think tank.

Produced by Hans Lee

Interviewed by Sean Britten, December 9th 2016

Bruno’s Piece:

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