It’s a woman’s world: how Roller Derby is changing the climate of the sport industry

“Aside from my child it is the longest standing commitment I’ve ever had.” Those are the words from “Skrim” an avid roller derby player, reflecting on the longevity of the sport’s tight knit community and sense of belonging.

The game was first established in Australia in 2007 when Sarah Strong-Law immigrated from Texas, bringing both the sport, and it’s community. Since, the derby scene has exploded across the nation.

But what impact has the game had on the Australian sporting industry, women, and the queer community?

Image: Image by: FreePik

Produced By: Jo Newbury

Featured In Story: Dr. Adele Pavlidis, – Associate Professor in Sociology at Griffith University , Imogen Lymbery AKA Invader Skrim – Roller Derby League player , and

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 13 June 2024

Thursday 13th of June, 2024

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