Jaguar Jonze on her debut and what it means to CUT through

“We’re both just overcook noodles that are floundering about on the stage” – Jaguar Jonze

Australia is not short of incredibly talented pop stars, and Jaguar Jonze is right at the top. 

Jonze’s music is explosive and challenging, an ambitious melding of alt-rock, bubblegum pop, punk, and something else that’s entirely unique to her. 

Through EPs like ANTIHERO and Diamonds & Liquid Gold, she’s asserted herself as one of this country’s most arresting songwriters and performers, and that has only been cemented with the release of her debut album BUNNY MODE

It’s a powerful reckoning of an album, and we were so happy to speak to Jaguar about how it all came together on The Tuckshop!

📸 – she is aphrodite

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