John Gaden in Diplomacy

The legendary John Gaden joins stages to talk about Diplomacy.

Starring John Bell and John Gaden
Directed by John Bell

Theatre legends John Bell and John Gaden are starring in the unmissable edge-of-your-seat production Diplomacy.

In 1944 at the Hôtel Meurice, the Swedish diplomat Raoul Nordling and the German General, Dietrich von Choltitz meet in a life or death situation for the city of Paris.
On abandoning Paris, Hitler has ordered its destruction. Raoul has one night to persuade the General to leave the landmark city standing. The many twists and turns of their negotiations play out in this highly entertaining thriller by Cyril Gély.

This exceptional play sold out at Ensemble Theatre in 2018 and and is back!

“It’s not often that such a stimulating and well-crafted play comes along.”
Sydney Arts Guide

An Ensemble Theatre Production
By Cyril Gély Translated and adapted by Julie Rose


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