Julie McCrossin: head and neck cancer survivor


Head and neck cancer occurs inside the sinuses, nose and mouth, right down to the throat. It isn’t widely known, yet it is a growing concern, with 3362 head and neck cancers diagnosed in Australia in 2013.

Alcohol consumption and smoking can trigger this cancer and it is more common in men and people over 40 years old. Head and neck cancer is associated with HPV, which is sexually transmitted yet evidence has illustrated that it has a much higher survival rate, responding better to treatment.

Julie McCrossin is a well known broadcaster and even an old 2ser volunteer. She’s also a Head and Neck cancer survivor and she spoke with 2ser producer Laura Corrigan to discuss her experiences. She has written the Head and Neck Patient Book, available online at juliemccrossin.com, aiming to give hope and encouragement to those diagnosed and their families, as well as to raise awareness to others.

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