Jumping The Gap

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Jumping The Gap is a weekly, 2-hour mixed journey with selector Paris Groovescooter leaping between Stateside disco and Japanese boogie, psych-funk and Afro, Latin or soul, dub-reggae to tropical grooves, Eastern freak-beats to soundtracks, free-jazz and more. From themed artist specials, to old-school mix-ups, whatever the genre or wherever the music originates, it's sure to be funky.

Wednesdays 12-2pm
  • Paris


Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 24th Nov 2021

From DC Go-Go, to disco, wiggy jazz to broken beat and Afro, today's 2-hour mix-up features new releases by Wilson Boateng, Alan Evans Trio, hard-working Aussie Lance Ferguson (covering Dave Lee's Sunburst Band no less) and Kenya-via-Adelaide rapper/producer Elsy Wameyo who's poised to give Sampa The Great a run for her money. Alongside are a couple of selections from the deep new collection by DJ Cam & Frédéric Beneix on BBE. Hope you enjoy. As the soulful funkster Omar can be heard singing (on his new Anthology release on Freestyle) it's been a "Long Time Coming"... but we're out of Lockdown now, so get out there dance and see some live music. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 17th Nov 2021

It's your Jumping The Gap Express Service, with a 2-hour world roundtrip with no stops, racing through station platforms from Rio De Janeiro to Tokyo, Long Island NY to Brisbane. The catering team was last seen leaping from a train window near the graffiti-filled underpass, so the dining carriage has been commandeered for dancing. Hope you can hang-loose in the funky caboose. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 10th Nov 2021

Rainy ol' day in Sydney, so to start out some slow-burner, sexy and stay-in-bed-and-snuggle-up-with-someone-who-digs-chocolate-body-painting soul, and then as we raise the BPMs and your partner's heart rate, there's Japanese boogie, Lebanese disco, soul, funk and plenty of hip hop. Newies include a trio of locals: BEDS (see there's a theme), KWEEN G and BLU.COLLECTIVE. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 27th Oct 2021

Back to regular, talk-minimal mix-ups today (huge thanks to everyone who subscribed over last fortnight - we had a great, heartwarming response). In today's mix: terrific newies from Sydneysiders blu.collective, Roti & Schnauzer (a new pairing featuring producer Rephrase) and Oyobi, plus a preview of an impressive album from jazz-funk-Latin-soundtrack inspired French group, Aldorande who are self-confessed Cortex fans. There's plenty of 80s synth-boogie as well, plus hip hop, Afro and a cosmically wiggy protracted synth-stretchout from Preluder Patrick Adams' Sine project. Read More