Jumping The Gap

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Jumping The Gap is a weekly, 2-hour mixed journey with selector Paris Groovescooter leaping between Stateside disco and Japanese boogie, psych-funk and Afro, Latin or soul, dub-reggae to tropical grooves, Eastern freak-beats to soundtracks, free-jazz and more. From themed artist specials, to old-school mix-ups, whatever the genre or wherever the music originates, it's sure to be funky.

Wednesdays 12-2pm
  • Paris


Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 28th Jul 2021

With a sultry outro from locals - singer Marguerite Montes and lyricist Gavin Vance - explaining why "Pfizer is a Girl's Best Friend" (let's face it, we all want out of lockdown so we get back to hookups of a carnal kind), today's 2-hour mixup features everything from electro/hip hop to vintage Italian funk, fresh house and future-soul (how cool is Joel Culpepper's new LP?), as well as Afro & tropical-spoken word. Despite today's pic it was a K-tel free zone. Also, unfortunately I couldn't honour the "poster mit tanzanweisungen" offer - so please feel free to make up your own steps. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 21st Jul 2021

When choosing a musical version of Max Ehrmann's life-advice poem ‘Desiderata', obviously we'd go for the Prelude issued funk-disco version by Rosko, over one recorded by the pointy eared Mr Spock as today's opening tune. From there, we mixed up everything from early Ivory Coast hip hop, to electro, Brasilian jazz-funk, disco, Latin, soul and Afro. Alongside are two terrific cover versions: a newie by tropical groovers the Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band - of the evergreen Charles Stepney tune Les Fleurs (already covered by Minnie Ripperton/4Hero/Ramsey Lewis and countless others) - the other a French cover of Copacabana. Hope you enjoy. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 14th Jul 2021

With Sydney's lockdown extended for a couple more weeks, today's non-stop mix aimed to keep it positive throughout, to lift your mood and encourage some iso-dancing. Helping us wish for one better world were sparkle-suited, sharp-witted vocalist/lyricist Martin Fry with his "alphabet city" compatriots ABC (mixed by Aussie engineer Julian Mendelsohn). There was also soaring disco/funk/boogie/house from folks like Barbara Mason, Toney Lee, Phyllis Hyman, Black Ivory and possibly one of the most amazing performances from Latin-disco funksters Mandrill who took it sky high with 'Love Made Me Over'. There's also Melbourne's Jahrukus, who finally release their reggae version of 'Ashes To Ashes' on 45, transporting Bowie from his heroine days and mellowing him out with the offer of weed. Read More

Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 7th Jul 2021

A spirit-lifting 2 hour mix, for which I was in a Prince & Neneh Cherry moo(n)d today, so a few tracks from each of these amazing artists (we even join the dots a little between the two with the help of Criminal Element Orchestra who sample "Kiss" in their track while Neneh herself was sending "kisses on the wind in one of hers). Also getting a look-in were a new remix from Qwestlife, fresh reissues from the likes of French lioness-chanteuse Bibi Flash, plus Afro, Latin, sexy soul/funk and a whole more for our 2nd week of lockdown iso-dancing. Read More