Kate Richards’ Fusion

Great conversations is a look back at some of the fantastic authors and writers we feature every week on Final Draft. It’s not always possible to use the full conversation live to air and this is your chance to discover more secrets and hidden gems about the books you love…

Today’s episode features Kate Richards. Kate is an award-winning Australian writer, as well as a doctor and medical researcher and she joins Andrew to discuss her new novel Fusion.

Fusion takes us deep into the Australian bush. Remote and secluded in a small cabin live Sea and Serene; conjoined twins who have escaped from a society that treated them as freaks. Joined by their cousin Wren, together they live a secluded life off the land.

When one day Wren brings home an unconscious woman, the household is thrown into turmoil. How did the badly beaten woman come to be so far out in the bush without even shoes, and what does her presence mean for the life they have been living?

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