Kavita Bedford’s Friends & Dark Shapes

Today’s episode features Kavita Bedford discussing her debut novel Friends & Dark Shapes.

Kavita Bedford

Kavita Bedford is an Australian-Indian author and freelance journalist. She is the 2020/21  Westwords Writer in Residence at The Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University. Her writing has appeared in Guernica, the The Guardian and Griffith Review. Kavita is joining me to discuss her debut novel Friends & Dark Shapes.

Friends & Dark Shapes

Four friends move into a share-house in Redfern. Over the course of four seasons the friends navigate communal living and try to get a handle on whether this is in fact their lives or just another stepping stone towards a place everyone else seems to have reached.

From toilet rolls and the dishwashing roster, to navigating space in a city that is always shifting and seemingly forever out of reach; Friends & Dark Shapes explores love, longing and loss in Sydney.

Join me as we discover Kavita Bedford’s Friends & Dark Shapes…

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