Kids Aren’t Getting Enough Exercise

This week students arrived back to school for 2019, eager and nervous after their parents and caregivers had prepared them to put their best foot forward. However, a concerning new report has found that kids are failing to do just that. The report found that Australian kids are some of the least active in the world, ranking 32nd out of 49 countries.

While school students start studying to ace those tests, Australia has already failed one. In the 2018 biennial report card on children’s physical activity Australia received a D minus for overall physical activity. Here’s the problem, there has been no change in children’s overall physical activity levels since 2014! Australia has now earned a D minus 3 times in a row! The report compiled by Active Healthy Kids Australia found the lack of muscular fitness meant “that today’s kids cannot jump as far as the kids from 30 years ago”

Today we looked at kick-starting that new school routine with everyday exercise habits. We are joined by Chair of the Australian Physiotherapy Association paediatric health group, Nicole Haynes.

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