Kids in the Kitchen

This week’s Deep Dive explores a glorious little piece of 2SER ephemera – a 2SER Cook Booklet. We first found reference to it in the pages of Listening Post from the early 1980s, and posted a query to the 2SER Alumni Facebook page in the very faint hope that someone might remember it. Not only was it remembered, but our Founding Manager, Keith Jackson replied and supplied us with a digital copy.

The 2SER Cook Booklet is a very sweet in many senses. Produced as part of a Friday morning program series and then published to promote Macquarie University’s 1981 open day, the recipes in the book cover a range of styles, tastes and preferences. As well as not one, but two Hazelnut cake recipes. Because, why not? There’s a link to the book below – get out your rolling pins and start baking, 1980s 2SER style!

SER Cookbooklet

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