Kiki Paul on Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Law and Andrew Denton’s New Podcast Better Off Dead

Euthanasia, or Voluntary Assisted Dying, is a controversial topic that’s ripples are felt very much within Australian politics and medicine. And it’s a topic that Andrew Denton knows all too well himself. Denton’s podcast Better Off Dead released in November 2015 shed light on the reasons why more than 70% of Australians support making Voluntary Assisted Dying legal – and on the powerful forces working to see that doesn’t happen. Five years on, Andrew is picking up where his ground-breaking podcast left off with a new investigation into the truth of Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying law: who seeks to use it, and why? Kiki Paul, CEO of Go Gentle Australia joined us on the show to talk more on this issue.

For more information, head to the Go Gentle Australia website.

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