Laura Imbruglia: Back on the Scene and Not Scared Of You

Laura Imbruglia is back on the music scene for the first time in six years with her new album Scared of You

Imbruglia returns with a new and political sound – seen in her songs “Shame” and “Give Boys Pink Toys” that centre on the gay marriage debate.

Writing the majority of the album at a song-writing residency near Nowra, the artist says she had plenty of time to reflect, which was confronting at points:

“When you’re helpless in those scenarios it’s the only thing you can do”.

Now, Laura’s traversing the new terrain of the music world, dealing with digital marketing, crowdfunding and creative partnerships

But she’s also balancing a number of other careers and interests, from working full-time, to her work in graphic design and her web-based variety show, “Amateur Hour”.

Listen here to Tess and Laura chatting about her music return, and how she balances work, life and everything in-between.

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