Laura Jean McKay’s The Animals in That Country

Today’s episode features Laura Jean McKay discussing her Victorian Premiers Literary Award winning novel The Animals in That Country.

Laura Jean McKay

Laura Jean McKay is the author of Holiday in Cambodia. She’s a lecturer in creative writing and is the animal expert on ABC’s Animal Sound Safari. But today Laura is joining us because her latest work The Animals in That Country won the 2020 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award .

The Animals in That Country

The Animals in That Country explores a pandemic sweeping across Australia that leaves the infected with mild cold symptoms, pink eyes and the ability to hear and communicate with animals!

The story takes us into a conservation reserve where Jean works as a guide; as much from her love of animals as her love for her grand-daughter Kimberly. Initially the reserve is free from Zooflu, but how long can the quarantine last and can Jean protect Kimberly?! 

Join me as we discover Laura Jean McKay’s The Animals in That Country…

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