Living in, Loving and Leaving Tamarama’s “Concrete Jungle”

Most residents in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs are familiar with Tamarama’s infamous 1960’s apartment block, Glenview Court – known locally as the “Concrete Jungle”. Its crumbling facade looks out on some of the city’s best beachside views. A planning proposal to upgrade the building has been in the pipeline for many years. A landmark case finally saw the multi-million dollar development’s approval and residents were evicted in August 2019 for the works to begin. The Daily spoke with photographer Yasmin Mund, a former resident who has captured the experience and the stories of fellow residents in her series “Concrete Jungle”.

Yasmin Mund’s work is featured in the upcoming Head On Photo Festival, where she will also be giving an Artist Talk:

Check out her work on Instagram at yasmin_mund

Image courtesy of the artist.



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