The living neural tissue rock star ‘CellF’

We use our brains and neurons to think up music, but wouldn’t it be cooll if our brains and neural networks could be used to actually MAKE music?

Perth based artist Guy Ben-Ary has used cells from his own body to create a fully autonomous ‘musician’ in a petri dish… huh? The project, called CellF is made of cells from the artist’s arm and controls an array of analogue modular synthesizers that work with it to play with actual human musicians.

Guy Ben-Ary, is a Perth based artist and researcher who works at SymbioticA, an artists laboratory dedicated to research, learning and hands-on engagement at the University of Western Australia.

UNSW Art and Design, formerly known as COFA, is hosting a special talk by the Perth based artist and researcher from ‘Symbiotica’ Guy Ben-Ary this evening.

We spoke to Guy in the studio to explain to us, hopefully in plain English, how this project works.

Photo: Guy Ben-Ary

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