Lost & Found – Aboriginal communities & women’s roles around the time of colonisation


A quote caught the eye of The Thursday Daily’s Ben Colman recently…

The Aboriginal women amazed the British sailors” – “where are all the women’s sites”.

That was Professor Grace Karskens, author, historian and UNSW academic who joins us now to discuss some of the roles of Aboriginal women at the time of European settlement. How did the Aboriginal women amaze the British sailors?

Professor Karskens was also part of the team working with the Darug People leading to the fascinating re-discovery of 170 new Aboriginal place-names along the Dyarubbin… now known as the Hawkesbury River.

What is ‘the real secret river’? And how did these lost place names become discovered again?

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Image courtesy: https://historylab.net/s1ep5-fishing-for-answers/

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Further information on Professor Karsken’s work can be found below:



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