Lovina J. Paje debut’s with her new poetry book ‘I Have Something To Say’

Oftentimes, the dialogue surrounding books and literature is that ‘it’s an old format’ or ‘its a dying medium’, however young authors such as Lovina J Paje have subverted this dialogue, passionately writing from a very young age.

Lovina has been writing fiction, poetry and other short stories for many years and in late June, she self-published her debut book of poetry titled ‘I Have Something To Say’. It explores the hope that can’t be expressed, the hurt that’s already been shared and all the other feelings left unsaid. Our Daily host Ruby Innes spoke with her this morning.

If you would like to get a copy for yourself, reach out to Lovina on her instagram @lovinajpaje or send her an email at lovinajpaje@gmail.com. 

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