Macquarie Sunday Session June 14th, 2020

Macquarie Sunday Sessions are back, and this time, Lachlan Schuster emcees a segment featuring some out-of-the-box treats that might take you by surprise! First, a deep investigation into the hottest North Shore suburban online drama – the curious case of the stolen kayak, an investigation by Charlie Meller. Then, Lochie himself takes a two-piece with sides as he delves into the world of online dating, by interviewing both members of a Tinder-based relationship. And the curse of the rebel without a cause – Georgia Angelini’s original audio drama that puts the magnifying glass over the world of the untimely deaths of Hollywood superstars.

When Dan takes over, he talks about the legalities and philosophy surrounding unjust laws, what Macquarie University is doing to help students in financial strife and his encounter with the hottest chicken wings in the world. Also hear the fictional story of a pizza boy’s haunted delivery as well as an interview with Brisbane artist Katanak and his unconventional approach to succeeding in the music industry.

It’s all about the music with Pariss. You’ll get 45 minutes of top-notch tunes, with some fascinating stories in between. Zac de Silva takes a look at how the coronavirus lockdown might give us a chance to rethink how we travel, James Gallagher takes a dive into the murky waters of the COVIDSafe app, and Pariss herself rounds out the show, speaking with Ellie Sedgwick, founder of Comfortable in my Skin, and Dr. Justine O’Hara, a Sydney-based plastic surgeon, about body positivity.

Grab your hot choccy and blanket for when Isabelle comes in for some chill out tunes and warm chats. She’ll be bringing you an explanation of the new get-rich-quick world of dropshipping, followed by an insightful and revealing story about the  little award stickers on seemingly every wine and novel. Stick around for a trip down the coast to Milton post office, where we catch up with the owner of the historic establishment.

If you’d like to hear more from ‘The Future, This Week’, featured in the dropshipping story, check out the full podcast here

The Macquarie Sunday Sessions are produced, panelled and presented by the students of Macquarie University’s MMCC3037 Radio and Podcast: The ‘On Air’ Career class, airing 6pm – 9pm Sunday evenings through the second half of Semester One, 2020. (May 10th – June 21st).

Turn On, Tune In, Sesh Out.

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