Macquarie Sunday Session June 7th, 2020

This week on Macquarie Sunday Sessions (a broadcast COMPLETELY run by Macquarie University students), Connor Jackson will kick off off the show by discussing schadenfreude and whether people should be okay with bad things happening to good people. He’ll then diving into the life of those with mysophobia. Myso what? The fear of germs and dirt! He will then be investigating the benefits of eating an algae called Chlorella. Big words but even bigger stories and tunes this week!

Ben Morrison will be then taking over, on what will be a show not too miss.

He finishes off our true crime documentary about serial killer William McDonald.

Then a deep dive into how bubble tea become the pop culture sensation it is in Sydney today.

Before leaving you with a compelling story about vicarious trauma, which, affects up to 85% of helping professionals.

The Macquarie Sunday Sessions are produced, panelled and presented by the students of Macquarie University’s MMCC3037 Radio and Podcast: The ‘On Air’ Career class, airing 6pm – 9pm Sunday evenings through the second half of Semester One, 2020. (May 10th – June 21st).

Turn On, Tune In, Sesh Out.

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