Make Yourself Comfortable In Le Pie’s Room

Le Pie isn’t one to shy away from her emotions.
For the past few years the Sydney local has been making audiences swoon with her blend of lush romance and heartache ballads.
From early days of jamming Mr. Bungle covers and a collection of grunge-pop styled songs on her debut EP, Le Pie really started to find her feet and her sound in the form of┬áher sophomore release which was 2017’s Sad Girl Theory EP.

Fuelled by the separation from her partner and an artist residency grant from the City Of Sydney, Le Pie pulled together a who’s who of Sydney musicians (including but not limited to members of Moody Beach, The Buoys & JuliaWhy?) to work through a back catalogue of partly finished voice memos and musical ideas rooted in 60’s choral pop, which has resulted in her debut album: A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN.
A record of solo bedroom slow dances, ethereal anthems and much a much needed catharsis of tender loving care.

Fresh from the launch of the album Sez of Le Pie dropped past the 2SER studios to have a chat on The Band Next Door about pouring herself into a record, the turmoil of a musical spiral and plans for the future.

A Room Of One’s Own is out now. Grab your copy here!

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