Meme Campaign Backlash Over Ghost in the Shell

The science-fiction action film Ghost in the Shell comes out at the end of this month, based originally on Japanese manga and anime. But over the course of its production there has been a lot of discussion around the the film’s casting choices, especially around the lead casting of Scarlett Johansson. There’s been a lot of critique in the public around the casting of a white woman into the role of an Asian character, with many wondering why she was cast ahead of a Japanese actress. Recently this discussion has escalated, with a viral media campaign that encourages people to make their own memes about the film having seemingly backfired, and many taking the chance to callout the issue of Johansson’s casting. This morning The Daily spoke to Dr Glen Donnar Lecturer in Popular Culture, Asia Media and Culture at the RMIT University about this issue.

Produced by Cassandra Lucock

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