Men’s health interview with Mosh

In general, Australians have great access to healthcare. Everything from complicated surgeries to common flu vaccines are accounted for. Despite this, there are still a good chunk of Aussies, especially men, choose not to address medical issues that get in the way of life – often things that can carry stigma when talked about openly. We’re talking about things like erectile dysfunction, hair loss, sexual health.

And whilst certain topics might not get tossed around when having a beer with the boys, there’s significant amounts of men who are worried about these issues. And they’re turning to the internet to get their information instead.

Enter Mosh. It’s a new platform that creates a new point of access for men who might not feel ready to address their health issues in person with a GP or a health professional. It works by creating an online space where men can find accredited, reliable health professionals online to consult. It then connects customers with online pharmacies which send out their treatments by post.

Mosh works based on a widely proven behaviour; that people are more likely to be honest with a doctor online than they are in real life. Two years in, and the platform is now rapidly expanding. We sat down with Gabe and Dave, the boys behind Mosh, to get their take on the changing landscape of men’s health, and access to it in the digital age.

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