Mining giant to dig underneath Woronora Dam

Cover picture: Heavy iron oxidising bacteria growth and iron oxyhydroxide floc contamination in the Eastern Tributary of the Waratah Rivulet July 2019. Credit: Sutherland Shire Environmental Centre FB page

Planning Minister Rob Stokes will make the final decision whether or not a controversial mine is built underneath Woronora Dam.

Peabody Energy has received approval “in-principle” for the expansion despite Sutherland Shire Council requesting more time to assess potential impacts.

Experts have opposed “the madness” of mining beneath the catchment areas while environmental protection groups point to the cracks in the riverbed and the dried up rivulets and swamps.

Catherine Reynolds from the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre speaks about mines effect and the community’s petition to block its expansion.

Waratah Rivulet, near Helensburgh, dry and with extensive cracking. Credit: Julie Sheppard – Protect our Water Alliance

Left: The existing mine. Right: The proposed expansion in yellow which is directly beneath the Woronora Catchment area. Credit: Sutherland Shire Environmental Centre FB page

Link to the petition:

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