Misogyny and Rape Culture in Universities

Yesterday some horrendous news surfaced out of Cranbrook School in Belleuve Hill. A 15 year old unconscious female student was raped by a fellow fifteen year old male student. Her graphic sexual assault was filmed and disseminated to dozens of fellow students in an act that although heinous, is no anomaly. A pervasive culture of rape and misogyny is common place on Australian campuses. Earlier this month we saw similar occurrences at the Australian National University, where male students were heard chanting pro rape songs through the dorms of John College.

You’d assume in liberal democratic Australia, a country who rejected patriarchal oppression years ago, that this would be a thing of the past. Australian women today are supposed to be autonomous, equal and safe. But it seems this is not happening. Victim Blaming is rife, and the guilt of male perpetrators is being watered down. Whether her skirt was too short or she drunk too much, it always somehow winds up being the girl’s fault. It’s all gotten so out of hand, the Australian Human Rights Commission has had to intervene, with a formal investigation into sexual assaults on Australian campuses.

The Daily was joined by Holly Zhang, the Women’s Officer from The Australian National University, to discuss this disturbing trend.

Produced by Madison Thorne

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