Miss Behave: the Game Show Cabaret Queen Comes to the Opera House

“The game show aesthetic represents the broken beauty of our times”


A self-styled “happy nihilist”, Amy Saunders, also known as Miss Behave joins us to discuss her upcoming series of shows at the Sydney Opera House and her unique outlook on the world.


Through heavy involvement of the audience in her shows (such as segmenting the audience by type mobile phone ownership, or inviting audience members to strip on stage) and a fusion of highbrow and lowbrow humour, Miss Behave seeks to show us that although “everything is terrible” in the world, we can still celebrate together and have a little fun at society’s expense. In her words: “You can play harder if you don’t care”.


Miss Behave’s show  is on now until Sunday March 18th. Tickets can be bought here.