Monday Daily Gig Guide 14/06/21

Over the weekend host Oscar and a few other members of the 2SER Monday Daily squad, headed to day 2 of the Jameson House of rounds gig at the Vic on the Park in Marrickville, catching brain melters the Murlocs, along with country and inner western goddess, Caitlin Harnett. On the previous night, Oscar and the team also headed down to Waywards in Newtown for another long weekend music fest, catching Hobart punk rockers A Swayze and the ghosts and as per usual they tore the roof off the place with their classic hard-hitting punk riffs. This is what you have to look forward to this week:


Last Thursday 17/6 – Waywards 

First up this week we have the lads from Last Thursday playing at Waywards, just above the bank hotel in Newtown, for the launch of their latest single it’s not the same, that’s the day of my birthday. Oscar had a chat to lead singer Euan about the show and he started by shedding light on the meaning of the song. 

That was Euan of Last Thursday, Last Thursday are playing this Thursday hehehe those guys always put on a belter of a rock n roll show so head on down, there’s still a few tickets left so grab them before they are all gone. Joining them on the night will be Manchester influenced Sydney rock band Jet city sports club. 


The Nagging Doubts 18/6 – Vic on the park 

Taking us through to Saturday is a band that myself and Jarred caught opening for Peel at the Lansdowne as part of their graveyard series, it’s the nagging doubts, who draw heavy influence from 80’s post-punks bands, you may also hear a sprinkle of psychedelia in their. I had a long time listener, first-time emailer, David Wills, who mentioned how much he enjoyed the segment. David is a big fan of the nagging doubts and was nice enough to bring the gig guides attention to their show, so a big shout out to David. 


Freshly Squeezed – 19/6 – The bridge hotel 

To close off the week there’s another rendition of the Freshly Squeezed series at the Bridge Hotel, which is dedicated to showcasing some of Sydney’s best new up and coming acts to watch out for this year. Playing on Sunday is, Betty, Hatchling and Aloe Vera! Hatchling presents a really unique blend of Americana, you can even hear a bit of Mazzy Starr in her voice. Be sure to also check out Sydney singer-songwriter Betty and Dream pop-rockers Aloe Vera. 


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