Monday Daily Gig Guide 16/08/21

The Monday Daily gig guide team had such blast last week on the gig guide presenting a very unique virtual edition of the show where we outlined some of the best youtube concerts out there to fill the void of no live music, as we are of course in a lockdown but thanks to the powers of technology and the internet we have access to some of the best sets in the history of music, in three clicks you can be transported back to 1969 Woodstock and have Jimi Hendrix melting your face off, that doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend your Friday night does it ? 

Oscars Selections 

Khruangbin: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

“For something a little different to my choice from last week this live set comes from the tiny desk series on youtube and the band is Khruangbin. From the moment I heard the opening riff on their track Maria También, I was sold, guitar driven musical euphoria man, these guys will have you groovin in the living room and good luck not falling in love with the bass player, she looks like cleopatra’s great great granddaughter, gosh I’m in love Jarred. But yeah the three piece are so goddamn tight and you can really hear them pay homage to instrumental drive groups like the shadows. Really lushy tones, would serve as a great soundtrack to a lockdown stroll in the park. “

THE OOGARS : Far Out Garden Sounds Ep. 05

“Next up we have a band who’s been getting a well deserved spin on 2SER over the past few weeks, it’s the psychedelic queens the Oogars Jarred. The quartet played live from the third eye stimuli HQ as part of the Far Out Garden Sounds series, such a beautiful tropical backdrop that serves as the best location for a rock n roll set. “

“The group delivered their debut 4-track EP ‘Waiting All Day’ and I’m gonna go right ahead and say it’s one of my favourite releases of the year, the set really provides a cure to the lockdown blues, go on and bathe in the warm psychedelic tones of the Oogars. You won’t regret it.”

Jarred Selections 

Brian Jonestown Massacre : Glastonbury 2014

“One of my favourite BJTM performances, it’s a shorted set but you hear some real gems in, ‘What you isn’t’, ‘Not if you were the last dandy on earth’, ‘Days weeks and months’ and ‘When jokers attack’. In my opinion it’s better than the cardinal sessions, ANTONS voice is actually in key…..”

The Nude Party : ‘Nude Years Eve’ The Sultan Room in Brooklyn NY

“An amazing set from the modern psych rockers, complete with music and earnestly bad acting by the band. It’s all you need for your Friday night.”

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