Monday Daily Gig Guide


Oscar had quite an action packed run of live shows over the weekend, catching the coastal indie rockers the Moving stills at the Lansdowne on Friday and even having a cheeky little jump around to bran melting Sydney Psych rocker the Lazy eyes, as part of lazy fest at Mary’s underground.


Saturday 3/04/21

Coming up this Saturday we have the Pinheads playing at Paddo Rsl at 7pm, their shows are always action packed and full of theatrics, you may seem them strip down and lurk into the crowd, big iggy pop energy. You should them out if you are a fan of classic punk bands like The stooges or the MC5 and even classic garage rock.  


Saturday 3/04/21

Also on Saturday is indie pop artist Taylor B-W at the Sydney Park Hotel, the show is free and starts at 8pm. Taylor blends soul-driven melodies with emotive lyrics and draws heavy influence from artists like Björk, Billie Eilish, Halsey and Kimbra.  

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