Monday Daily Gig Guide (Digital Edition) 2/08/21

We are of course in lockdown and with that comes the absence of live music, as a result we’ve had to think outside the box a little in terms of how to utilise this platform as best we can to keep you updated on how you can get your live music fix. So this week we’ve curated a nice little list of COVID safe live streamed events you can view from the comfort and safety of your lounge.

Bjork – Friday (30/08/21) 

Bjork is playing playing four concerts this August & September, raising money for women’s charities worldwide. With over 100 musicians joining her across the series, each show will take place with a live audience at Reykjavík’s Harpa Hall and stream globally.

Her first show of the series will take place on Friday the 30th of August, where she’ll be playing with strings from Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Katie Buckley – harp, conductor – Bjarni Frímann Bjarnason Songs from Post, Vespertine, Dancer in the Dark and more.  


Now for something a little bit different, The Melbourne International film festival will be running over the next three weeks so we thought we could run through a few of the music documentaries that people can rent online: 

We Are The Thousand 

We’ve all seen those viral videos online of musicians’ mass gatherings where thousands of people come together to play the same part for a song. Marine biologist Fabio Zaffagnini orchestrated one of those movement, being a lover of rock music – especially the Foo Fighters, in 2015, he devised a plan to lure them to his small hometown of Cesena: he’d recruit a thousand fellow rock fans from around Italy, teach them to play Learn to Fly in sync, record the song live in a field, then upload their performance to YouTube. Forty-five million views later, Zaffagnini had Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s attention. But for the Rockin’ 1000, this was only the start.

Rental Link (Available 14/08) 

Sisters With Transistors 

The theremin (theh·ruh·muhn)  may be named after its male inventor, but it was a woman who popularised one of the world’s original electronic instruments. The first electronic score for a film, Forbidden Planet, was co-written by a woman, as was one of the world’s most iconic televisual scores: the Doctor Who theme music. And it was a woman who pioneered the use of computer software to compose music. 

While these women have made vital contributions to the artform’s evolution, their names have, for too long, been forgotten. This documentary seeks to re write a previously silenced history.

You can hear the theremin used in Jack Whites Lazeretto, it has a real wail to it, the pixies also use it a lot in their song Velouria. 

Rental Link (Available 14/08) 

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