Movie Reviews with Michael Jones

Movie Reviews with Michael Jones

Michael Jones was back this morning to give the verdict on the latest big screen releases. This week Michael had a look at Brigsby Bear and Ingrid Goes West.

The comedy /drama film ‘Brisby Bear’ directed by Dave McCary was released in September this year. It focuses on surviving childhood trauma and accepting creativity of those experiencing trauma.

Kyle Mooney; writer of the screenplay plays the main character ‘James pope’ a twenty year old man who watches the Children’s TV show; Brisby Bear Adventures.

His life changes when the show stops and his lack of experience with the outside world reflects the comedic turn of events as he sets out the ‘finish the story’.

As Michael says,

“It’s not to heavy, it’s not to light, it is just right.”


You could easily assume the film ‘Ingrid Goes West’ is an action/drama set in America’s dessert; it is far from it.

‘Ingrid Goes West’ is a comedic film directed by Matt Spicer. It was released in August this year.

The film’s main character Ingrid Thorburn; played by Aubery Plaza is a lonely and troubled young woman. She becomes obsessed with the perfectly curated lives of social media influencers.

Michael says the film takes a big swipe at the pretentiousness of those posting on social media. Aubery Plaza’s dark comedic performance perfectly showcases the dark sides of social media.

Thursday 26th of October, 2017

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