How much do nurses know about anticoagulation meds?

When you are in hospital, nurses are the people who are likely to know the most about you, and who you have a relationship with.

So you like to think they are an expert in their field – especially if they work in a specialised area.

Well, this might not be the case according to a small survey looking at how much nurses know about medication for atrial fibrillation.

Atrial fibrillation, also known as AF, is a heart abnormality that causes the heart to beat fast and irregularly.

The risk of AF increases with age, and the risk of stroke or heart attack increases if AF is untreated.

There is a range of treatments for AF, the most common being a pill called Warfarin.

Warfarin is a very complex drug that interacts with other medications, as well as green leafy vegetables, meaning patients have to be aware of the best ways to take the drug.

Caleb Ferguson has recently published a study looking at just how much nurses know about Warfarin. Caleb is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Health at UTS. He speaks to Ellen Leabeater.

Image: Wikipedia.

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