Here on Thursday Drive our amazing prod team love scouting around the deep corners of Sydney looking for cheap and free things to do! This week our producer Soomin found the following!


1. Ultra Unreal Show

This week is the last chance to see “Ultra unreal” at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Australia) this Sunday. 

The free showcase has taken up residence on The Rocks venue’s first level, showcasing work by six artists and collectives. When you walk through the exhibition, you’ll be peering at multi-sensory works that reflect upon the kinds of worlds we have, do and want to inhabit — and what goes into them, and the tales that spring up around them. That examination covers everything from religion, neuroscience and ecology through to artificial intelligence, gaming and queer club cultures, too, as created by artists who are drawing upon their own experiences and politics.


2. Sydney Design Week: New Australian Design

If that tickles your fancy, the Ultimo Powerhouse Museum is now hosting “Sydney design week” until April. Entry is free and they’re open 7 days a week. You can see new work by some of Australia’s finest designers and makers, curated by cross-disciplinary designer/creative director Emma Elizabeth of Local Design. There are many more exhibitions to experience such as “CHARKHA AND KARGHA” and “TRANSLATIONS” by Don Cameron. Check it out on Website, No booking is needed!



The next event I wanna bring up is the Sydney Fringe Festival.  It’s the FINAL WEEK OF FRINGE! Last chance, Don’t miss out! This unique event welcomes more than 3400 independent artists to participate and display their finest artwork at over 150 venues around Sydney. You will find excellent and diverse options of performances and shows.  The one show I recommend is the “Best of the Fest” comedy show that you can enjoy for only $19. It brings you the ultimate sneak peek of the Festival’s biggest and brightest international and local stars jam packed into a 1 hour show. Booking is needed, it starts at 7 pm tomorrow. Make sure to check out what other festival shows are on at

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