Mum Shirl: Black Saint of Redfern

With her ‘queenly’ confidence and unwavering spirit of activism, Shirley Smith aka Mum Shirl is of Australia’s most iconic Indigenous matriarchs. Remembered as the Black Saint of Redfern, she dedicated her life to social, community and humanitarian work in Redfern, Sydney and beyond. 21 years on from Shirley’s death, Cooee Art Gallery has decided to celebrate her life!

In conjunction with NAIDOC week the gallery has put on MUM SHIRL: Black Saint of Redfern, showcasing paintings by Gordon Syron and photographs by Elaine Syron.

Nicole caught up with Elaine as well as the founding director of the gallery Adrian Newstead, to discuss the importance of Mum Shirl’s legacy and how her flame continues to burn strong.

MUM SHIRL: Black Saint of Redfern, now-27th July @ Cooee Art Gallery, free admission. 

Saturday 6th of July, 2019

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