Murder On the Way! by Theodore Roscoe Part One

We discuss chapters 1-5 of Theodore Roscoe’s Murder on the Way! Edited by Jim Noy of The Invisible Event and In GAD We Trust, this pulp nightmare of a murder mystery takes the whole island of Haiti and turns it into the country house of the Golden Age. Artist Edwin ‘Cart’ Cartershall and Patricia ‘Pete’ Dale are invited to the funeral of Pete’s distant relative, Eli Proudfoot. A bizarre tontine encouraging the attendees to kill one another promises Eli’s fortune to whoever remains on the island for 24 hours after the reading of the will, and of course, the body-count rises to meet it. In a head-to-head collaboration for points, can Flex and Herds actually work together before Jim escapes with the goods?
We’re also joined by Anthony Horowitz, author of Magpie Murders and many other books, to talk about the latest entry in his Daniel Hawthorne series, ‘A Line To Kill‘, and what inspires the innovative metafictions with which he’s been challenging the crime fiction world.
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