National Radio News Turns 25

Fourth Estate

Every weekday 2SER Breakfast and The Daily broadcast the hourly National Radio News bulletin alongside 2SER’s local news bulletin for the half-hour. In this edition of Fourth Estate, we meet the National Radio News team!

We discuss the achievements of National Radio News (NRN), the national news service for the community broadcasting sector, as they reflect on 25 years of broadcasting. What role does the community broadcasting sector have in a healthy fourth estate? Monica Attard spoke with NRN News Director Frank Bonaccorso, NRN cadet journalist Emily Francis and NRN senior journalist Emily Minney.


Photo: Emily Minney (left) and Emily Francis (right). Supplied by National Radio News.

National Radio News is produced by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA), in partnership with Charles Sturt University and the 2MCE community radio station.


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