Native Forest Logging Continues to Threaten Wildlife Habitat

In 2020, a NSW parliamentary inquiry found that Koalas will become extinct before 2050 in the state unless the government urgently starts preventing habitat loss.

Yesterday, a stop work order was issued to the EPA at a logging site known as Compartment 22 in the Orara East State Forest, where the Great Koala National Park is.

The complaint came from the conservation group North East Forest Alliance, which claimed that only 27% of trees required to be retained for koalas were marked for protection by the state-owned NSW Forest Alliance.

The EPA is investigating, but the government may have to answer some questions about Forestry Corp’s compliance with the rules and regulations.

Wednesday Daily host Nelson Scott is joined by Sue Higginson, a Greens representative in the NSW parliament and spokesperson for climate change, environment and agriculture, to chat about the future of our native public forests.


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