New Music

Don’t fear, we still have your weekly dose of new music with Daniel Ahern while Andrew Khedoori is away in Japan.

We have three unique albums in the spotlight this week, all with different sounds and styles.

First up, we have the spiritual album Aromanticism by Moses Sumney, which has romantic vibes and soulful music, creating sounds that are great to relax to.

Next is The Necessaries new record Event Horizon which is a reissue of their one-off 1982 album. Incorporating a sublime power pop that is filled with the melodies of an angular guitar, this funky, disco music shares a playful spirit through its lyrics.

Pioneer of gogo fusion music, Msafiri Zawose takes the traditional folk style of gogo and blends it to modern rhythms and production styles. His new album Uhamiaji has psychedelic electronic production, polyrhythmic percussion and hypnotic chanting, providing great sounds to take in.

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