New Music on 2SER 06.12.21

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Simon Robert Gibson – Shined bright the day (Feature Album)
Charles Jenkins – Radio Sketches
Land of Talk – Calming Night Partner
Milan Ring – I’m feeling hopeful
Odlaw – I really thought by now we’d have some sort of idea about something
Sons of the Sun – Sons of the Sun
Warumpi Band – Papunya Sessions 1982



Aurora Dee Raynes – Good for you
Charbel Nehme – Take That Chance
Gift Exchange – Behind Perspex
I Know Leapord – Good as what you give
James Chatburn – Howling
Lucianblomkamp – Parting Gift feat Liyah Knight
Molly Nillson – Pompeii
William Crighton – Keep facing the sunshine




This week sees the debut album from multi-talented Sydney-based artist Milan Ring. As a rapper/singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, she has been at the forefront of the RnB revival in Australia for such a long time. As such, it may surprise many to hear this is her debut LP.

So the long-awaited, “I’m feeling hopeful”  is a lyrically deep experience, a poetic observation of themes such as  relationships, control,  depression, desires and addiction.

As a whole, the album rides waves of emotions with the overriding message being that one must decide to push through, or fall.

Largely recorded in Marrickville, exquisite production is the centerpiece of this extensive collection of songs about love, hope and desires for freedom, featuring vocal collaborations from rising Sydney rapper Barkaa, as well as Che Lingo and Jean Deaux.

Out now via Astral People.



Described by Neil Murray as “The early sounds of us becoming a band”. The Papunya Sessions 1982 is a collection of (largely) never-before released music and the among earliest recorded material of the Warumpi Band.

With reggae yet to hit in a big way in remote Australia, the main alternative available to country music was the emergent sounds of rock and blues, often arriving via film. Indicative of the bands origins, this is mostly covers, featuring some very raw and energetic renditions of Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Stones and the Box Tops.

Recorded on a cheap and basic 2 track reel-to-reel recorder in a house in the central Australian community of Papunya, this is a rough and raw set of rock and roll standards, which reveal an insight into their formative influences, as well as the first releases which would come in the following year.

This is an energetic and fun compilation and out now on Love Police records on Vinyl, Digital and, appropriately, Cassette.



Even further west, in the mythical kingdom of Perth, the third album from Odlaw is titled “I really thought by now we’d have some sort of idea about something”.

Once that’s sunk in, we can reflect on how it is his first album since his second album, with that second album being called “debut”.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, we can enjoy this fine album.

Lead by Marc Neal, Odlaw has been an amorphous band over it’s history, featuring no less than twelve casual  band members and many times more collaborators. As such this is a diverse listen, characterised by jangly guitars, bittersweet interwoven strings and beautiful open production.

Across eleven songs, this is a sincere collection of lo-fi indie songwriting and compositions, laced with humor, often frank tales about life as a band. They deserve to find better gigs at better venues soon.

Out now on Blue Grey Pink


Monday 6th of December, 2021

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