New Music on 2SER 13/12/21

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Kalaji – Kalaji (Feature Album)
Chris Liebing – Another Day
Deep Throat Choir – Firefly
End Scene – All my ghosts
Pearly Gate Music – Mainly Gestalt Pornography
The Friests – The Friests


Cousin Tony’s Brand New Birebird – When this is over
Hackitt – Departures
Lady Wray – Through it all
Meteor Infant – Winter Rabbits
Nicky Bomba – Home
Paul Johnson – Celebrate
Skeleten – Pogo
St Paul and the Broken Bones – Love letter from a red roof inn
The Laurels – Ten Thousand Years



The Deep Throast Choir were formed in 2013 in London, featuring an all female or non-binary lineup. With an intention to strip back production to the essential combination of choral vocals in combination with the drumming of Zara Toppin.

This, their 2nd full album has fleshed out the sounds, weaving a vivid tapestry of harmonies, while also retaining the same sense of focus and space.

Laden with rich jazz and swirling orchestral production, left-field RnB overtones and tight low slung disco (check out “Camille”) , this is a stunning and wide-ranging album. Lyrically much of the songs here are focused on togetherness and understanding, which is fitting as the musical partnership provides such a rich unison.

Out now via Bella Union


Beautifully washed out and poetic songwriting characterise All my ghosts, the first release from Sydney-based End Scene. A rich and rewarding listen across 12 songs, written by frontman James Jennings, this features a wide coalescing of Jennings’ influences.

Lead single Bittersweet Spell as well as Keep the lid on and Today’s waves welcome comparisons to early Go-Betweens and R.E.M, something that is emphasised by the recurring interplay of backing vocalist Sarafina Pea (of Married Man).

Inspired in part by experiences of the paranormal as well as a post-punk sensibility, the album veers from the ethereal and psychadelic into passages of straight up rocking angst, such as on “Low Ebb”, an effusive anti-capitalist number. The  more contemplative songs here, such as “Axe to the hive” and “What my dead friend said to me” offer a needed counterpoint, while the deeply hypnotic and beautifully measured “The is a light” is a real standout.

While this wild mixture of styles and subject may give other recordings more the sense of being a compilation than a bona fide album, there is a consistency and presence throughout as Jennings explores them, and the whole release is put together admirably by the skill of producer and band member Tom Dufficy.

Out now on Bandcamp.








Sunday 12th of December, 2021

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